An interesting fact about Cannon Hill in Ardrossan is that it isn’t actually called that. Its official name is Castle Hill, not least because atop it sits Ardrossan Castle. Ardrossan Castle of course is the spooky silhouette in our company masthead. MYSTERY SOLVED!

What we’re trying to do at Cannonhill Comics is make good comics. I really hope we manage that and somebody likes our work. (Um, I say ‘work’, but no-one actually gets paid.) If you like our comics, please let us know; either by leaving a comment or sending us an email.  Equally, if you’d like to collaborate on a comic strip, please get in touch. Also, feel free to recommend comics, TV or films that you dig right now. It would be cool if we had a little community on here.
Gradually we’ll be building up a wee library on here of pretty different types of comics, from the superhero hijinks of The United to the interstellar noir of SpaceRats.

The United is written, drawn and lettered by Jonny Cannon. Space Rats is written, drawn and lettered by Jonny Cannon and coloured by Gavin Boyle. Fonts for both these comics are from Alfie’s Special Socks is drawn by Gavin Boyle and written by Jonny Cannon. Gavin Boyle has his own site,

Jonny Cannon