UTD-COVER-04[old]-01 UTD-COVER-04[old]-03 UTD-COVER-03.ai UTD-COVER-04 copyIssues 1 to 4 of The United are now out. Contained therein are the entirety of Book One; that’s the prelude and first 11 episodes. In addition, issues 3 and 4 have parts 1 and 2 respectively of Space Rats as back-up strips. These comics, and The United: Giant-sized Issue 1 (which contains the first 1o episodes in adult language), are currently available in Forbidden Planet in Glasgow and also Comics, Trading Cards and Collectables in Falkirk. I’ll be going round other Glasgow-based shops over the next couple of weeks and I will post updates on the availability of the comics.

Last weekend I was at Glasgow Comiccon, held in the CCA (in Glasgow, of course). The weekend was a blast. I was there selling copies of The United #1 – 4 and Giant-sized The United #1. I was up on the top floor in some kind of crazy, super-heated aerie, with a bunch of very talented and very nice small press people. I was (not literally) on a table with Gavin Boyle, creator of Rapid Gazzer and Escape From Coatbridge. The latter was nominated for a Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance Award this year in the category of Best Writer. Both comics are completely nuts and very funny. Gav also colours the Space Rats back-up strips in The United #3 and #4.

I didn’t get the chance to speak to all of the other indie folks, but they all had great comics on display. I did manage to grab the following: Left by Steven Ingram, A.R.K. by Karl Thurgood, Andrew Turnbull and Ralph Burns; City of Lost Souls by James McCulloch and Janine Van Moosel; Interesting Tymes by Dave McCluskey and Andrew Morrice (http://www.dammaged.com). I also met Craig Collins again (I met him last year) and I re-read Crawl Hole by him and Iain Lawrie. All of these comics are very different and very good. You can find all these people on Twitter. Also, you can check out Comics Anonymous for reviews of their comics.

On that note, The United #1 was reviewed by Comics Anonymous in May. I was pretty nervous about this, as I neither have an ego the size of an elephant, nor Tom Cruise levels of confidence. The review, however, said some very nice things and can be found here. Comics Anonymous is an excellent site if you’re looking to find out more about independent comics. It’s here, for example, that I first heard about Merrick the Sensational Elephant Man (which is very cool).

Lastly, I should, barring any unforeseen circumstances, be at the MCM Scotland Comiccon at the SECC in Glasgow on September 26 and 27. If you’re there then please pop by and say hello. It’s always good to find out what people think of the comics we’re doing. Well, so long as folk don’t tear it to shreds, I guess.