previewSo my wife and I had another baby on the 13th of October! (This is our second.) I’ll be back to making comics ASAP.

In the meantime, I have posted the second installment of Space Rats. There will be more comics coming soon. Before my wife popped the baby out I was focussing on the printed comics. These have been selling pretty good and I’m very, very pleased at some of the nice things people have said to me at conventions. I’ve also had a couple of people contact me through Facebook about the comics. They said very nice things.

If you’re interested in buying the printed comics then get in touch at, @cannonhillcomic on Twitter (no ‘s’ there) or Cannonhill Comics on Facebook.

The picture is from The United free comic I give out at conventions when folks buy issues 1 to 4. This interlude will eventually be on the website too.