The United were supposed to be the UK’s top super-team. Then, in 1996, several of their members went rogue and tried to overthrow the government. By the new millennium the United has been disbanded.

In 2013 the United was put together again with a new set of heroes; a political stunt in the run-up to the referendum on Scottish Independence. The only problem is, these are NOT the best of the best, but simply the most popular and best-known…







In the shadows, meanwhile, old enemies and politicians alike plot the demise of the team. But, to what end?
As well as the online strip there are print copies! The United issues 1 to 4 are currently available at several retailers in Glasgow: Forbidden Planet, Geek-a-boo, A1 Toys & Comics and Waterstones. Issues are £2 each with three episodes of The United per issue. Space Rats is the bonus back-up strip in issues 3 and 4.
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The United is written, drawn and lettered by Jonny Cannon. Fonts are from

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