For the past few months I have been working on some new comics, which should all be coming out either later this year or early next year. There will be more United and Space Rats, which will be in The Divided issue 6. The first part of Lost in Glasgow will be an additional back-up strip in that issue.

I have also pencilled 2/3s of a comic called Transylvanian Knights. This is written by James McCulloch, who also writes City of Lost Souls, Kid Monkey and I’m blanking on his other comic just now. That’s bad – my memory is shocking. Anyway, he’s a good writer and the comic we’re doing is shaping up nicely.

You can find previews of my upcoming work at the Cannonhill Comics page on Facebook. I also post updates very regularly, as well as other musings on nonsense, on Twitter @cannonhillcomic. I am on Instagram too, as Cannonhill_Comics.

I really need to buy a new computer as I’m doing this in a library and the keyboard is worryingly sticky. That’s not good.